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PT INTI PRIMA MERAKI (Inpimera) is a company operating in the field of sustainable agriculture which focuses on selling environmentally friendly horticultural products from Jiffy and Botanian home gardening for the needs of hydroponics, greenhouses, urban farming and small and medium scale agriculture. ​


PT INTI PRIMA MERAKI (Inpimera) authorized distributor for Jiffy and Botanian home gardening and hydroponic products which can help provide the ideal solution for your horticultural needs. All Jiffy products and Botanian Home Gardening Products are produced with high quality and have been used in many countries around the world. With the expertise from Jiffy and Botanian products, plants will have stronger roots and growth.

Inpimera sells various kinds of high quality horticultural products and increases efficiency in small and medium scale plantations which have been used in many countries in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Jiffy horticultural products can be used for hydroponic and organic plants. With innovation, our products reduce costs and increase efficiency, as well as saving time. Also plants can grow more quickly and optimally. ​


Our focus on promoting Jiffy and Botanian horticultural products to the younger generation which can be purchased for home gardening activities at home which can provide gardening experience with new, easy methods and produce high quality vegetable, fruit and herbs. With Botanian Home Gardening, Inpimera will provide a fun learning experience for the younger generation to get to know the world of agriculture.



Sustainable Gardening Program

PT INTI PRIMA MERAKI (Inpimera) provide consultation, feedback, gardening curriculum integration, training that can help preschool/school or institution to implement sustainable gardening program for students.

Our products has been used in more than 50+ countries around the world for preschool/schools, urban farming, and commercial uses. Jiffy/Botanian was created using sustainable material, innovative, compact and easy to use.

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Effective Sustainable Propagation Jiffy Products

PT INTI PRIMA MERAKI (Inpimera) provides solutions for modern agriculture that is effective, productive and produces better harvests. ​


Increases efficiency in the sowing process and also the plant nursery process and ensures that plants receive much better nutrition.


Jiffy Propagation Coir Pellets can be used on various types of plants or flowers.Examples include: Papaya, banana, strawberry, mango, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, lettuce, kale, caisim, pakchoy, tomato, coffee tree, etc. ​


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Botanian home gardening inpimera
Botanian greenhouse planting kit inpimera
Home Gardening

Home Gardening Activities

Fun, Innovative way of planting


Inpimera will continue to be committed to providing modern and practical home farming products. Botanian Home Gardening provides education about farming using innovative technology and methods that will have a positive impact on the future. ​ Practical and easy is the main key for Botanian products to be a solution for your family's farming activities at home.

Jiffy Inpimera
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Organic and Hydroponic

Solution for Hydroponic Vegetables

Efficient and Optimal Growth

Inpimera Jiffy Coir Pellet products can help plants grow more optimally and reduce production costs because work using Coir Pellets will be faster and use fewer people. and nutrients can be absorbed more optimally. Plants get better nutrition, and the seeding process is faster. All materials used are made from natural ingredients. This improves the quality of the harvest from vegetable and fruit crops.

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Jiffy Inpimera
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