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Inpimera botanian pattern

About Inpimera

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The main focus of Inpimera (PT INTI PRIMA MERAKI) is to increase the efficiency and productivity in horticulture to increase the quality of plantation. Inpimera with Jiffy and Botanian is also committed to promote fun activities for the younger generation and teach them the importance of farming using methods that are good for the environment, as well as suitable for future agriculture.

Inpimera is committed to provide education for the younger generation to find out about Jiffy and Botanian home gardening products for family activities at home. Jiffy and Botanian home gardening products and hydroponic series products are produced in EU
, USA, Canada, Japan, dan Sri Lanka. Inpimera is an Authorized distributor and importer of Jiffy and Botanian products in Indonesia which will improve the agricultural development in Indonesia.
Botanian inpimera indonesia home gardening
Botanian home gardening aktifitas menanam

Inpimera and Botanian by Jiffy offers several planting kits and also home gardening products that is easy to use and fun. Our products are designed to introduce children with new ways of farming and improve the quality of agriculture in Indonesia.

Modern Farming
solusi pertanian agrikultur dengan jiffy pellet indonesia

Inpimera and Jiffy provides solutions for small to medium farms who wants to increase their productivity and quality of harvested products that may reduce crops waste and higher quality of products. 

Jiffy hidroponik media tanam inpimera

Inpimera provides consulting services and product sales for hydroponic farming. Jiffy hydroponic products can offer better harvest results by using fewer people, and using less fertilizer because our products helps plants to absorb nutrients more effectively.

Urban Farming
Teknologi urban farming yang canggih di Indonesia Inpimera Jiffy

Inpimera and Botanian by Jiffy will help the development of urban farming technology and knowledge for younger generation to produce higher quality of harvested crops ​​for the future

Authorized Distributor and Importer of:
Botanian home gardening inpimera
Jiffy Inpimera
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