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Inpimera botanian pattern

Education Sector


Inpimera will always provide solutions for farming activities that are more innovative, modern and environmentally friendly for children from childhood. This will broaden their insight into the world of sustainable gardening and sustainable farming which will be important for Indonesia's future.

All Botanian and Jiffy products are easy to use, easy to store, and clean from dirt because they are all made with coconut coir which has been processed in a high quality factory that is sterile and clean, and safe for children. Using Botanian or Jiffy products in schools or preschools is designed to make planting activities more fun and easy to implement in every existing curriculum.

Introducing children to gardening from as young as 2 years old can be a great way to foster their connection with nature, teach them about plants and growth, and encourage sensory exploration. We collaborate with many schools and preschools to facilitate sustainable gardening programs for the future. Please contact us for further information.




Easy to Use

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Easy Storage


Our Main Focus

Environmental Awareness

Care and love for the environment on how to properly grow plants in sustainable way to be able to grow better.

Community Engagement

Encourage collaboration and community involvement through school garden projects, fostering a sense of belonging.

Hands On Learning

Give every students the opportunity to learn using modern and innovative products that is east to use. 

Critical Thinking

Encourage observation, experimentation, and problem-solving skills as children engage with plants and ecosystems.

Sustainable Gardening

Teach children about organic gardening methods and composting, to minimize environmental impact.

Lifelong Learning

Cultivate attitudes and behaviors that promote sustainability and, empowering children to become responsible citizen of the future.

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